A Hard Line and a Soft Touch: A Different Approach is Needed for Handling Sex Offenses

Frank Walker Law Sex Offenses

Sex Offenses are taken very seriously in the Commonwealth and must be handled differently from other criminal charges from the onset.  From the very inception, the Commonwealth is going to be taking the charges very seriously, and mishandling of the defense case can lead to serious consequences. Its important to remember that allegations of sexual misconduct are very politically charged as well as emotionally charged. Prosecutors are less likely to be willing to cut the accused any slack as they might otherwise be inclined to do with other serious offenses involving drugs, money or violence. Instead, the Commonwealth is going to be attempting to build a strong, forceful case with serious felony charges that will change the accused’s life forever.

However, unlike cases involving drugs, substance abuse, violence, or firearms, in a huge portion of sex offense cases, the only evidence available is testimony from the alleged victim.  It is a common misconception that physical evidence is required to obtain a criminal conviction. This is far from the truth. In a large portion of cases, convictions are obtained solely on the testimony of the accuser.  If you factor in the natural biases juries may have against people accused of sex offenses, trials in these cases are emotionally charged and difficult to defend. It takes a strong attorney willing to challenge the accuser without drawing the ire of the jury for being needlessly insensitive.

The consequences of a sex offense conviction will affect the rest of your life. Many sex related offenses will require registration with Pennsylvania’s Sex Offender Registry. SORNA (The sex offender registration act) is quite strict and draconian in its application. The violation of any of its basic provisions is a felony one offense punishable with up to twenty years in prison. Employers, friends, and family members will never look at you the same when they find out and offenders will find themselves shunned by much of society and be discriminated against in every facet of life. Should your conviction come with a jail sentence, fellow inmates are less than friendly with sexual offenders, and the department of corrections may require you to complete long counseling and treatment programs that may keep you incarcerated long past your minimum sentence.

If you have been charged with a sex offense, this is not the time to go at it alone. One misstep could haunt you for the rest of your life. You need an experienced professional attorney at your side immediately. Thankfully, Attorney Frank Walker is available for these tough situations. With Attorney Frank Walker you will have a passionate advocate at your side who will fight for you and handle these tough accusations with the tough stance they require. Don’t wait another second. Give Attorney Walker  a call at 412-532-6805 to set up a consultation!

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