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Frank Walker Law Accident Lawyer

Pittsburgh Attorney Frank Walker of Frank Walker Law, released a new website that focuses on common personal injury actions in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania.

The new website, Accident, contains valuable information about personal injury actions like automobile accidents, brain injuries, wrongful death, premises liability, Product Liability and much more.

Injuries Require Immediate Action

When injured on the job or by the negligence of another, the law requires that you bring any legal action within a specific period of time. Whether you choose to bring an action for a railroad accident or a dog bite, the law dictates the amount of time you have to start a civil action and where to file your action. If you fail to abide by these strict timelines, you may be barred from bringing an action, regardless of why the deadline was missed.

Your Injuries deserve Personal Attention

Injury victims experience many emotions after the initial accident: shock, embarrassment and confusion. Sometimes, these emotions lead to a feeling of helplessness and an inability to address several important issues. For example, some victims are so overwhelmed by the incident, they forget to contact an attorney, return paperwork to proper authorities or follow up with recommended treatment.

An experienced injury attorney will maintain contact with you as a client and advise you of the sequence of events. Also, an experienced Accident Attorney will advise you the possible strengths and weaknesses of your case.

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