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Common College Crimes: Real Consequences for using a #FakeID

A fake passport being made at home. Frank Walker Law

Most common college crimes involve alcohol or drugs in some fashion.  The average age of new college matriculates is around 18 or 19, and since the drinking age is 21, the use of a fake id makes its way onto our list of common college crimes.

Though the general idea of using a fake id is somewhat universal, the charge for getting caught with one may vary based on the jurisdiction and the method used.  Underage kids trying to get into a bar may use a friend or sibling’s ID, or they may get a fake id made.  In cases where kids use someone else’s ID, depending on the jurisdiction, they may find themselves facing identity theft charges, which is a serious felony.  An identity theft charge for using a fake id is rare, and many states have exceptions to their identity theft statutes in cases related to the use of a false ids to purchase alcohol.  Most jurisdictions have statutes specifically addressing fake ids used to get into bars and buy alcohol by underage offenders.  These statutes range from a simple summary offense to a misdemeanor. The consequences can range from a small fine, to a suspension of your driver’s privileges, or even jail time for repeat offenders in some jurisdictions.

There are other consequences to being caught with a fake id besides potential fines.  Possession of a fake id is considered what is known as crimen falsi, meaning a crime involving dishonesty.  Many employers ban people with crimen falsi convictions from their workforce.  Crimen falsi convictions may also affect your eligibility for professional licenses such as a law license, medical license, cpa, or other professional license.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a fake id offense, you have options.  An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you pursue alternatives to a conviction such as a discharge after community service, a plea to a different offense, expungement, or some other fitting alternative.  If you are a college student in Pennsylvania or West Virginia, Attorney Frank Walker can help. He has years of experience advocating for college students in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Call 412-532-6805 to reach the Pittsburgh office or (304) 712-2089 for our office in West Virginia. Call now!

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55th Annual #Pittsburgh #ArtsFestival Opens Tomorrow. View and Download Event Schedule

A sure sign that Summer is on its way to Pittsburgh is the opening day of the Three Rivers Arts Festival at Point State Park and throughout downtown Pittsburgh.

Artists from around the world will flock to Pittsburgh to show their masterpiece work or sell a few items to the Festival Faithful.  The Festival will also include many food vendors, music, theater, poetry and much more.

The festival is said to draw more than 400,000 visitors to the Pittsburgh area to view the sites, purchase artwork or just to enjoy the scenery of beautiful downtown Pittsburgh from the vantage point of the Point.

Here are some helpful links to help you navigate the 55th Annual Three Rivers Pittsburgh Arts Festival:

About the Arts Festival

Artist List

Event List

Event Schedule 

Environmental Responsibility 

Festival Map

Vendors (Food & More)

Whether you are visiting the Arts Festival after work or making the Festival a family weekend outing, please have fun and enjoy yourself throughout the event.

Security and Police Officers will have an increased presence at the festival and all around downtown to assist with crowd control, traffic and to ensure a stress free and safe festival. Officers will also be on the lookout for minors using fake ids, underage drinking and DUI offenders.

Additionally, officers will immediately identify offenders with open containers or those whom are visibly intoxicated in public.

Let’s help make the Festival a safe and family friendly event by enjoying ourselves responsibly.

Attorney Frank Walker of Frank Walker Law is a National Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyer and Personal Injury Attorney with offices in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and Morgantown West Virginia.

Share and Save for a Safe #MemorialDay Weekend! #Pittsburgh #Morgantown

Winter is over and another Memorial Day Weekend is upon us!

While you enjoy time with your family, watch the parades, fireworks, take a swim or just relax while enjoying a ballgame, please take a moment to remember the many Men and Women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Please enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend, but do so responsibly: Please Don’t Drink and Drive or Text and Drive!

Many trained officers and law enforcement officials will be out and about searching for signs of impairment or other unlawful activities and will not hesitate to arrest you for a DUI, Public Intoxication, Underage DrinkingFake ID, Public Urination, Disorderly Conduct or other Traffic Offenses.

Before you leave the house or hit the road to meet friends at a bar, please take a moment to designate a driver for a SAFE evening.  Also, please SAVE these Taxi Service numbers into your cellphone before you start the festivities:

Yellow Cab, Morgantown, WV – (304) 292-7441

Yellow Cab, Pittsburgh, Pa – (412) 321-8100

JB Taxi Service – Beaver County, Pa – 724-658-1444

C & H Taxi – Charleston, WV (304) 344-4902

Greensburg, Pa – Yellow Cab – (724) 838-0700

@DubVSafeRide  – Morgantown WV – – 304-777-9996

If you plan to remain home this weekend to relax and this message really isn’t for you, please SHARE with your contacts or repost with your network so that others will have the information before hitting the town this weekend.


Underage Drinking an Epidemic in College Towns

Many Pittsburgh Colleges are now recognizing the rampant underage drinking epidemic spreading amongst their student body.  Some campus administrators are taking a proactive approach by educating students on the dangers of underage drinking during initial new student orientation and continue with follow up seminars and speaking engagements from criminal defense attorneys and prosecutors to reinforce the message of how damaging an underage drinking conviction can be to the career of a new college graduate.

What to do when you receive a Citation for Underage Drinking

First things first: do not plead guilty. Contact a Criminal Defense attorney at once. The longer you wait to talk with an attorney, the more witnesses disappear and the less time you and your attorney have to formulate a defense and a strategy to work for a dismissal of the citation.

Yes, a citation for underage drinking is graded as a summary offense and can eventually be expunged from your record if you are found guilty. However, do you really want to explain to future employers and loan officers the circumstances surrounding why you received the citation? Probably not. That is why it is never advisable to plead guilty to the citation without speaking with legal counsel.

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Attorney Frank Walker of Frank Walker Law is a National Top 100   Criminal Defense Lawyer and   Personal Injury Attorney with offices in   Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and   Morgantown West Virginia.

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