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Underage Drinking an Epidemic in College Towns

Many Pittsburgh Colleges are now recognizing the rampant underage drinking epidemic spreading amongst their student body.  Some campus administrators are taking a proactive approach by educating students on the dangers of underage drinking during initial new student orientation and continue with follow up seminars and speaking engagements from criminal defense attorneys and prosecutors to reinforce the message of how damaging an underage drinking conviction can be to the career of a new college graduate.

What to do when you receive a Citation for Underage Drinking

First things first: do not plead guilty. Contact a Criminal Defense attorney at once. The longer you wait to talk with an attorney, the more witnesses disappear and the less time you and your attorney have to formulate a defense and a strategy to work for a dismissal of the citation.

Yes, a citation for underage drinking is graded as a summary offense and can eventually be expunged from your record if you are found guilty. However, do you really want to explain to future employers and loan officers the circumstances surrounding why you received the citation? Probably not. That is why it is never advisable to plead guilty to the citation without speaking with legal counsel.

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