Grandmother Arrested on Marijuana Sales Related Charges

A 64 year old grandmother from Saver has been arrested on charges of selling marijuana that she sourced from California.

The woman, who is said to have sold upwards of 100 pounds of marijuana, is alleged to have received marijuana in shipments of 30 to 40 pounds apiece, and then sold each pound for $3,400. Police say that a search of her house revealed almost $400,000 in cash, 64 pounds of marijuana, as well as psychedelic mushrooms and hashish. Police allege that the woman has been selling marijuana for at least five years.

After her arrest the woman is quoted as saying that her only crime was doing what she could in order to raise her children without having to draw public assistance. The woman’s daughter also came to her defense, insisting that police should focus their efforts on more serious criminals such as murderers, rapists, and pedophiles. She noted that, in her opinion, it does not make sense to put a non-violent offender in the same place as such violent people.

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