Westmoreland Man Accused of Killing His Girlfriend

A Westmoreland man has been arrested and accused of being responsible for his girlfriend’s death.

The body of the 52 year-old victim was found in a Laurel Mountain home on a Friday at about 10:00 PM. Family members had asked police to check or her because they had not heard from her for several days. Upon entering the home, the responding officer noticed blood in the kitchen and found the victim’s body near a rear door. Apparently officers also found several packages of Band-Aids in the bathroom.

Police say that a friend of the suspect informed them that he had a large cut on his hand the day after the alleged murder, and that the suspect claimed that he suffered the gash in an incident involving a cat. When police located the suspect he apparently had injuries to both hands. According to an autopsy report the victim died from blunt force trauma to the head.

The accused was detained at the Westmoreland County Jail pending a Preliminary Hearing for charges of Homicide.

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