#Pittsburgh Cops Found Guilty of Improperly Arresting Teen

A jury in the case of an art student vs. the Pittsburgh Police Department found that three white Pittsburgh police officers falsely arrested him in January 2010, as he was walking to his grandmother’s house to spend the night.  The case made national headlines after the boy was beaten by police, who claimed that they believed he had a gun.

As a result of the beating and imprisonment the victim, now 22 years-old, filed a civil lawsuit against the officers who were involved in the incident.  After hearing arguments from both sides, a jury found that the officers had acted “maliciously and wantonly,” and awarded the victim $101,000 in compensatory damages and a total of $18,000 in punitive damages, $6,000 from each of the officers.

In his lawsuit, the victim also claimed that the officers had used excessive force when arresting him.  But after deliberating, the jury was not able to agree on this charge.

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