Do Recent #Pittsburgh Prostitution Busts Confuse Criminal and Victim?

Pittsburgh police reported that a woman from Toledo, Ohio, came to Pittsburgh with her family and then left them at a hotel so that she could go to work as an escort. Nine women in all were arrested for either prostitution or for offenses related to prostitution as part of a sting that was set up by Pittsburgh police. The sting was a coordinated effort between PPD detectives, the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ Human Trafficking Task Force, the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Task Force, the Allegheny County Sherriff’s Department, and federal probation officers.

The sting involved responses being sent to a number of escort services through their respective websites requesting that the women meet them at a nearby hotel. Upon arrival the women offered to perform a variety of sexual services for the undercover officers at costs ranging between $200 and $500. The women were all between the ages of 23 and 32, some of whom told police that they had no other way to earn a living.

It is interesting to see how authorities, on one hand, bill certain sex crime arrests as “freeing sex slaves from a life of servitude”, but on the other hand arrest the women – who are allegedly working in the sex field – as if they are the true criminals.

There seems to be a disconnect in our legal system. According to authorities, are sex workers victims or criminals?

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