Can Auto Accidents result in #CriminalCharges?

On a Monday morning in late June, at around 3 a.m., a car smashed into several houses on Federal Street on the North Side, which awakened many residents in the area.

According to police, the female driver lost control and hit several porches and a natural gas meter. Residents of the homes were evacuated as a precaution until Equitable Gas repaired the meter and city officials confirmed the houses were safe. They were then allowed to return.

A local resident said that there was a need for people to drive more slowly in the area as one day someone would be killed and other neighbors said that it was lucky no one was killed on this occasion.

Apparently drivers speed in that area all often and it is the third time a home in that part of Federal Street has been hit. A picture of the incident was sent to Mayor Bill Peduto and the Director of Public Safety.

The woman driver was taken into custody but she was not immediately charged.

Thankfully no one was seriously hurt in this incident. Had someone been killed the driver may well have been charged with manslaughter, which can carry serious penalties relating to prison time – not to mention the devastating consequences to the family of the victim.

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