How a #Pittsburgh Fugitive Was Twice Set Free Despite Arrest Warrants

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Two separate law enforcement agencies allowed a fugitive to go free despite the fact that there was a warrant out for his arrest. The 18-year-old male, who is involved in a domestic violence case in Pittsburgh, remained on the run after being arrested in March and charged with simple assault and theft.

The man’s girlfriend reportedly told police that he physically abused her and in that particular instance had slapped her in the face and punched her in the head. He then allegedly tried to choke her and take away her phone. The man was arrested again and made an appearance for arraignment on the new charges.

The suspect first made an appearance in a courthouse but officials failed to check for warrants and he was therefore permitted to post bond. Then last week he was stopped by Swissvale police and taken into custody but officers were unable to locate anyone to transfer him to the Allegheny County Jail so they were forced to release him. He was finally arrested by the sheriff’s deputies two days later.

The incident has drawn criticism by the Citizen Police Review Board whose representatives say that it has exposed weaknesses in both the legal system as well as in the Pittsburgh police department’s warrant policy.

The above case says nothing about the man’s guilt or innocence, which must be decided by a court of law. But it does highlight certain inefficiencies in the system which Pittsburgh residents trust to keep them safe.  Also, this instance calls into question the bench warrant system and demonstrates how anyone can be lost in the system.

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