When the Sole Witness’ Version of Events is Called into Question

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A man has been arrested for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend’s son to death in Fineview. The criminal complaint filed about the incident stated that the 43-year-old suspect stabbed the 22-year-old victim inside his mother’s home during an altercation between the two men. The woman stated in the complaint that she and the suspect had been dating for the last eight months and that over the last three months he had begun a pattern of physically abusing her. According to the complaint, one of the instances of abuse had the man kicking the woman and stomping on her leg then throwing her violently to the ground and searing her abdomen with the lit end of a burning cigarette.

She stated that the suspect had left the home on Saturday night to go out and returned early Sunday morning. When he arrived, he told her that their relationship was over and began packing his things. She said that he then started choking her and then left the house. He left the room that they were in and returned a few minutes later holding a bloody butcher knife, telling her that she was next. She managed to escape the room and found her son lying unresponsive near a door. The suspect is faced with charges of assault and criminal homicide.

These kinds of cases can often be difficult and complex. Due to the emotionally charged nature of the incident, and the vested interest of the witness -the mother – the defense will likely attempt to call her version of events into question. Also, it remains to be seen if there was any self-defense motive in the alleged killing.

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