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Written Statements: Should I Give One? #CriminalDefenseLawyer

Should I give a written statement to Detectives? Frank Walker Law

For many people, being arrested or being questioned by the police is a new and shocking experience.  The police might come to your house, or ask you to come down to the station, just to “ask you a few questions.”  Then once you get there, they ask you to sign a Miranda waiver and write down what happened with a written statement.  Or in the alternative, you might find yourself in a situation where you are immediately arrested and thrown in jail and at first officers completely ignore you and seem like they don’t care about your version of events.

Regardless of your situation, whether arrested for a DUI, Drug Crime, Summary Offense or Homicideit is understandable that you want to tell your side of the story.  Especially in a dispute involving two or more people, its hard to let the police operate with just the other person’s version of the facts without telling your side of the story.  But no matter how tempting it is to write down exactly what happened and to provide them with a written statement, DO NOT do it . Especially without talking to an attorney first.

Any written statement you provide can and will be used against you in court. No matter how innocent your statement may seem, it can be twisted and used against you.  The police aren’t asking you for a statement just because they want a fair and balanced version of the facts. They are asking you for a written statement to gather additional admissible evidence to build a case against you. A self serving written statement denying culpability is given little consideration by the police in their decision to charge you.

If you have been arrested or contacted by the police to give a statement on a situation, its important to talk to an attorney first.  A qualified attorney can present your version of the story to the police without providing them with damning evidence.  The fact that you have retained an attorney can not be used against you.  When you’re dealing with the government, its important to protect yourself. So get the best defense possible and call Attorney Frank Walker. He has years of criminal defense experience dealing with prosecutors and the police.  People are available to take your call  24/7, 365 days a year. Call 412-532-6805 to reach the Pittsburgh office or (304) 712-2089 for the offices in Morgantown.

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