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Selling Sex is a Serious Business. And a Serious Offense #Pittsburgh #CriminalDefense

Pittsburgh Prostitution Lawyer - Frank Walker Law
Pittsburgh Prostitution Lawyer – Frank Walker Law

Prostitution and related offenses are banned by Title 18 § 5902 of the Pennsylvania Code.  These crimes can include buying sex, selling sex, running a brothel, or aiding in the business of prostitution for financial gain.  People often resort to prostitution when they have very few other options to obtain money, food or shelter for themselves.

        The seriousness of the offense varies dependent on the person’s role in the business, whether they were operating a prostitution business and profiting off of others,  the age of the prostitute, and the HIV status of the seller.  Generally speaking, the penalties for being a prostitute and patronizing a prostitute are similar at first glance.  First and second offenses for buying or selling sex are misdemeanors of the third degree (the lowest grade of misdemeanor). A third offense is a misdemeanor two, and all subsequent offenses will be a misdemeanor of the first degree unless other aggravating factors are present.

        Penalties are far more stiffer for the pimps and promoters who run illegal brothels and prostitution businesses. In most cases, those in the position of control will be met with serious felony charges.  The Commonwealth particularly frowns upon those who take advantage of a spouse or family member and induces them into prostitution, as a charge under that section is a felony as well.  And of course the most serious offenses include the prostitution of a minor, which will get the person charged with a felony under this subsection, as well as several other SORNA offenses which could result in serious time.

        If you or a loved one has been charged with a prostitution related offense, just know there is help out there.  Attorney Frank Walker is an experienced attorney practicing in Allegheny County and the surrounding areas. Not only can Attorney Walker help you fight the case, and potentially get the charges dismissed or significantly reduced, Attorney Walker can point you in the right direction for the resources you may need in your time of need. That may include information regarding treatment programs, counseling, and resources for support. With any luck, punishment you may receive from these charges may be mitigated to include participation in programs and treatment that can help you get your life back on the right track. Lines are open at Walker Law 24/7 to better serve you. 

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