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Can Victims of #Pittsburgh Police Beatings file a Lawsuit?

An attorney for a Brentwood man who was arrested in 2012 by Pittsburgh police is filing a lawsuit against the department for abuse he allegedly suffered during the arrest. The incident, which was recorded on video, reportedly shows the man being pulled forcefully from his car through the driver-side window, thrown to the ground, pistol whipped, and assaulted in myriad other ways as he lay on the ground. According to the reports, the video shows that the violent assault took place after the man had surrendered and was shown holding his hands out the car window for the officers to see.

The video tape, which was recently released, apparently serves as strong evidence against the officers in question and the lawsuit being filed by the alleged victim accuses them of civil rights violations and abuse. The arrest was the result of an incident in which officers reported that the suspect ran a red light at high speed on Pittsburgh’s North Side.

People who are arrested are often treated harshly. They may be tackled to the ground, sprayed in the face with pepper spray, or even Tasered. But police are supposed to use force proportional to the threats they face. When police go overboard and use too much force – such as beating a handcuffed suspect – they may open themselves, their departments, and the government, up to civil lawsuits. If you have been the victim of police brutality give our office a call immediately.

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