Arrests Near in Card Cloning Scheme

Police are close to arresting multiple suspects as a result of a scheme to clone the new electronic fare cards which the Port Authority has issued.

In an investigation which he describes as ongoing, Detective Kevin Atkins said that at least four of the new electronic fare cards, called ConnectCards, were duplicated. He declined to comment on just how many copies were made or how often the cards were used. According to Detective Atkins police have identified several suspects who police believe are involved in the scheme, and arrests are pending.

The ConnectCards, which are part of a $41 million dollar upgrade to the transportation system, are thought to be far more secure than previous fare systems. The cards have computer chips which store fare information, and can hold value for travelers who wish to purchase a weekly, monthly, or annual passes. The cloned cards are said to be of the weekly, monthly, and annual variety.

One benefit of the new system is that it allows authorities to better detect abnormal usage patterns. Authorities believe that the counterfeit cards are being sold for a profit.

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