Hidden Compartment inside Car Reveals 2,500 bags of Heroin

While searching for a suspected drug dealer in the Tarentum area, police discovered a car that the suspect allegedly used to transport the drugs. A search of the car yielded thousands of bags of heroin.

Police from Tarentum and Harrison Township joined forces with the State Attorney General’s Office in the search for a 34 year old man who is suspected of drug dealing. After obtaining a search warrant the group raided an apartment in the 200 block of Seventh Avenue, but did not locate the suspect inside. But police were able to make arrests on two other individuals who were in the apartment, and also were able to confiscate a car that the suspect had been seen driving.

With the help of a drug sniffing dog, police were able to locate a hidden compartment in the car which held approximately 2,500 bags of heroin and a handgun. Police have estimated that the group headed by the suspect may have sold as many as 2,500 bags of heroin per week from the car.

The two individuals who were arrested within the apartment were booked on drug related charges. The original suspect is still at large.

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