Homewood Shootout Leads to 2 Arrests

A shootout in Homewood early Wednesday has resulted in the arrest of two Pittsburgh residents, police said.  A man and a woman were arrested as a result of the incident, which occurred with a police officer close enough to hear the gun shots.

Pittsburgh Police Sgt. Charles Henderson was in the Homewood area early Wednesday morning, when he heard multiple shots at about 1:30 a.m. He then noticed an SUV driving toward him with its lights turned off, and stopped the vehicle. Sgt. Henderson noticed that the car had been “involved in a gunfight,” as there were “multiple bullet wounds on the car.”

Sgt. Henderson questioned occupants of the vehicle, a man and a woman, about the incident. Upon further investigation the man was found to be wearing a military grade bulletproof vest, and was also found to be on house arrest and facing several arrest warrants in another county. The woman was found to be in possession of a firearm. Both the man and the woman were arrested in connection with the shootout.

Upon further investigation police found 21 bullet shell casings along Kelly Street in Homewood. Though several cars were hit by the shots, no one was reported injured. Police believe that there were other people involved in the shootout, and continue to search for anyone else who may have been involved.

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