Pittsburgh McDonald’s Worker Arrested for Allegedly Selling Drugs at Work

Pittsburgh police have announced the arrest of a Pennsylvania man in connection with a novel way of selling the drug heroin. According to police documents, the man is said to have used his job working at  McDonald’s to distribute the drug to his customers, who would come to the restaurant’s drive-through window in order to buy make the purchase.

The 28 year old accused is alleged to have concocted a scheme in which customers looking to purchase heroin would come to the McDonald’s drive-through and say “I would like to order a toy.” They would then go to the first window and pay for the drugs, which would be delivered in a Happy Meal box. The drivers would then leave the restaurant instead of moving forward to the second drive-through window.

The alleged scheme unraveled after the arrest of one of the accused’s customers. The 26 year old woman was stopped by police and found to have 10 bags of heroin. After an interrogation the woman notified police of the scheme. Police then used a confidential informant to make a heroin purchase from the accused, which occurred in the parking lot of the McDonald’s.

At the time of his arrest the accused was on early release from a three-year prison sentence after a possession with intent to deliver conviction. He is now facing charges including possession of heroin and delivery of heroin.

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