Pittsburgh Area Mom and Her Three Teens Arrested on Drug Charges

A Pittsburgh area mother and her three teenage children were arrested on drug related charges.

The 50 year-old mother, along with her 17 year old son and two teenage daughters, were at all their home near the intersection of Huxley and Sutherland Streets when Zone Six narcotics detectives arrived on the scene with a search warrant. Police say that the mother was involved in the drug trade, and had involved her three teenage children. Inside the home police allegedly found cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, as well as $2000 in cash. Police also say they recovered an unknown quantity of firearms at the residence.

The bust comes as a result of increased anti-crime efforts by police in Zone Six. The area has reportedly seen an increase in crime over the past several weeks, including multiple shootings in the West End.

At the time of this posting, the Mother and her children were awaiting a Preliminary Hearing to Contest the charges lodged against them.

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