Is a Text Message enough Proof for Guilt in #Pittsburgh #Homicide case?

In February of this year, in a house in Worth Township, a 21 year old woman was discovered by her mother after having died from an overdose of heroin mixed with fentanyl. Her death was not the only death in the area from this particular batch of heroin which was labeled ‘Theraflu’.

Paramedics advised the police that they had found drug paraphernalia at the scene, including a syringe and the bags the drugs came in. In addition, the coroner’s report confirmed that both heroin and fentanyl were found in her body.

After finding a text message from a man to her deceased daughter, in which he advised the woman that he had ‘Theraflu’ for her, the woman’s mother contacted the police. The man was arrested in connection with the overdose and is currently in Butler County Prison on a $100,000 bond.

Police are understandably very concerned about the deaths related to this very dangerous drug cocktail. But, in a case like this, it is important to remember that the alleged text message advising the woman that the man had ‘Theraflu’ for her is not the same as having provided the woman with the drug.  The officials first need to connect the message to the man’s phone, prove he is the one whom sent the message and proved that she in fact received the dangerous drugs from the man that caused her death.

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