Could a Beaver County Sheriff face a Civil Suit? #PittsburghLawyer

A Beaver County sheriff has been under house arrest since he violated his bail last month, and the case against him begins today – which centers around his alleged threatening to shoot a news reporter. He also faces 11 another misdemeanor charges which include obstruction of justice and intimating witnesses.

A political campaign worker, one of sheriff’s alleged victims, said that when he was at the Democratic Party headquarters the sheriff threatened to cut his hands off, eat them and shove them down his throat.

His bail conditions included a ban on holding press conferences on country premises, and he could only be present in the courthouse from 10 1 p.m. He was allowed to hunt on his own property, but not to take his weapon to the courthouse.

Last April the sheriff was also in court, where several witnesses described threats he had made to them, including a guard from Beaver County Jail who said the remarks made to him by the Sheriff had made him fear for his life.

In this case the sheriff is facing multiple allegations of multiple violations. If proven culpable his victims may have credible civil cases, especially if his threats resulted in demonstrable harm and damages.

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