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Sex, Alcohol, and Consent on College Campuses. #CriminalDefenseAttorney

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Sex, Alcohol, and Consent on College Campuses – Frank Walker Law

College is a time where many adults begin living on their own and take their first steps into personal responsibility. For many young adults, it is also a time for experimentation with drugs and alcohol, and their first time living alone.  A college campus is a great place for young people to meet others in their age group, socialize, and pursue relationships.  However, the combination of youth, drugs and alcohol, and inexperience can lead to difficult situations in the eyes of the law.

Accusations of rape, sexual assault, and other sex and alcohol related crimes are common in a college campus setting.  In these cases usually there is no dispute as to whether sex occurred, instead the issue centers around whether that sex was consensual. Unfortunately in most cases of sex related crimes there is limited evidence outside the testimony of the two individuals involved. Add in alcohol or drugs, and even the two people’s memories of who were there that night may not reflect the reality of exactly what happened.

When these events are reported to the college, what happens from there can spiral out of control. College Administration, in attempts to protect their reputation as safe for students and unwilling to put themselves at risk by making hard decisions, often suspend or expel those accused of sexual misconduct without opportunity for a hearing or meaningful investigation into what happened.  This can end a promising career and future for a young college attendee before it even gets started.

Even if a hearing is convened, students may potentially be denied the opportunity to be represented by counsel or to present a meaningful opportunity to challenge the accusations. These situations have been gaining prominence in the news as students and attorneys have been pushing back against the university’s summary dismissals without due process.

If you are a college student or other individual facing allegations of sexual misconduct, or have a son or daughter that is facing allegations through their university or criminal charges from the police, its important to lay down a strong defense early. Getting an attorney early on can prevent potentially irreparable damage from being done to someones reputation and future.  Attorney Frank Walker can help.  With years of experience in the criminal justice system and helping college aged individuals in their time of need, Attorney Walker can help you fight the charges and demand due process for the accused. Set up a consultation now.  Attorney Walker has offices conveniently located near college campuses in Pittsburgh, PA and Morgantown, WV.

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